When I was like 5 till about 11, me my cousins and my brother used to go to the basement and have full out Janet Jackson concerts. Like we took that shit serious. From Rhythm Nation to The Velvet Rope and beyond. We watched all her concerts non stop. Did her dance moves. We sang her songs till our throats were dry. We could’ve made it y’all. We were dedicated as fuck and it will always be my fondest memory. I am an extreme JJ fan.

Get it, sis!


Janet Jackson did so much for girls my age (can’t speak for anyone younger than me) like legit the janet album was LIFE CHANGING.


I’m an old fart so back in the day when I was growing up we used to try to learn Janet Jackson dance routines at recess and we all aspired to be on the show Star Search

YES. So did we. Everyone was trying to learn those moves